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Academic year 2019/2020


Rules for the organization of Physical Education classes,

Bachelor (1st degree) and Master (2nd degree), Full-time studies

Detailed rules of the organization of classes:

1. Physical Education (PE) classes are a vital part of the undergraduate and graduate curriculum (full-time studies) at the University of Lower Silesia.

2. During the 2019/2020 academic year, PE classes will be conducted on set dates - Wednesdays at 3 PM (12 hours per term).

3. Students have a right to choose their classes from the current offer of physical activities, provided by the University of Lower Silesia. Upon making a decision, each student has an obligation to inform the leading teacher about the chosen class. Information about the chosen classes has to be reported to the leading teacher until the second class.

4. The criteria for passing PE classes are:

a. attendance - 6 or more attendances are necessary to pass the course. Students can skip 6 hours of classes during the term without the necessity of justification.

- below 6 classes – failed (2),

- 6-7 classes – 4,0 - (db),

- 8-10 classes – 4,5 - (db+),

- 11-12 classes – 5,0 - (bdb).

b. preparation for the classes - sports clothing adequate to the type of the chosen classes; psychophysical condition enabling participation in physical activities

c. student's activity during classes.

5. Different forms of passing PE course:

a. if a medical condition prohibits participation in a physical activity for an extended period of time, a note of verification from a physician will be required to pass the class (medical exemption - necessary doctor’s note). In order to pass the PE course, student will have to submit the medical exemption, as well as a written essay/project to the leading teacher. Written work will be evaluated as follows: 5,0 - (bdb); 4,5 – (db+); 4,0 – (db); 3,5 – (dst+); 3,0 – (dst),

b. sport activities/participation outside the University: sports clubs, gyms, courses (swimming, dancing), yoga, relaxing exercises. A confirmation from the sports club for 12 or more hours is necessary to pass the PE course before the end of the term. Student receives a grade of 5,0 – (bdb). In case no confirmation is provided to the leading teacher, or provided confirmation validates less than 12 hours of participation – student will not pass the PE course.


The student who carries out different forms of physical education course has the right to participate in classes with his/her group. The tuition fee is not reduced if a student completes different forms of physical education course.